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Two three nine ninety three ninety three my bare either yeah i'm here listen it seems now that every day we're talking about some train that doesn't understand what it's doing it's absolutely ridiculous and i think that we have a responsibility to the people of indianapolis nay to america to find out why this is happening and then to take the owners of said train who are not caring enough about the people of indianapolis her driving to work and if you've got kids in the car sorry kick their ass until they yes this is there's no sense whatsoever i can understand what he working on the roads are filling potholes or do some kind of workout there delays are part of traffic they piss me off i don't like being stuck in traffic nobody does but there is no excuse for this oh give me all right let's let's let's let's calm down our language to let's come let's come down here i'll play some i'll play some happy music from television city in hollywood feel better yeah takes the tears right away with this tell me where this train is right okay this is on the northeast side okay and us thirty six pendleton pike it's right there it runs parallel the train runs parallel to the us thirty six pendleton blight pendleton pike and it's currently blocking the roads carrow road four hundred five hundred six hundred seven hundred west all the way past woodbury is you're getting close to fort ville that's why people are going up to fort ville that turnaround i've had a couple of people report that that's what they're doing they think that's the best way to do it senator time like locals and i'm gonna go with that right now so yeah we have several road several major arteries here completely blocked and i'm looking at the map sierra and traffic i mean it's nobody's moving in this creates a dangerous situation tony because then people start to turn around in the middle of the road so when there's traffic coming towards you and you turn around into oncoming traffic it's never a good thing now according to sources that's bad but i will say you know you gotta you gotta find the sunshine gotta find the sunshine in the darkness and so if you're being rerouted up through fort ville stop at sunrise bakery all sunrise bakery the greatest blueberry fritter of all time is at sunrise bakery tell katie tiny cats subtle low and ed won't get you.

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