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Five cards in seven days and then even one two weeks after that. So it's basically four fight guards in three weeks so in Jacksonville for people who WanNa Watch some good old fashioned fist fighting. You'RE GONNA have a lot of it. Yeah I hope I do get to fight soon. I wouldn't mind fighting in Florida the Beach. So or Fight Island. God's these islands or God or whoever's listening and beautify island I will fight anybody on roster I think the reserving it for international -siders So I know Roxanne say you're from Ireland or something. Do something girl come on. We say we said we said before the show. You're essentially Canadian. You're from Alaska. Which I consider part of Canada so they go. I am maybe a Florida. Maybe I'll Clyde for a visa just to get it denied so that go well Casey. Now that was our last question. Casey one one more actually obscure that one to do. That's one that is I. I don't know what this was. The are from Aaron Underscore nineteen eighty. Are you going to make petition to release the Butthole Cut? I don't know what this means. Casey and Alex boy the butthole cut frozen can't hear so casey I'll leave you. Sorry I love I accidents frozen. I just thought he was really contemplating the answer. The questions I started this as you said you describe it. What does the butthole cut me? Because I've seen is yeah. I'm sorry one Michael My back non-mainstream. Just ask all right. Lauren I missed. I missed the last part of your answered last question but Yeah sorry about cats so oh there is. I don't know if this is true. It's a report. I think it's fairly tight over for that. There is a and it's very well. We don't know nothing ever comes up but there is a version of the cats movie. Where yes you can see. Some for some reason they included buttonholes on the characters. All the characters that are anthropomorphized cats They're they're very terrifying as it is but apparently they were even more so in the original cut so yes that is the that is the tension. This movie she's fabulous and Idris Elba. Has Mackenzie Meryl? If you watch a movie ONODA MEANS ALEX. Kelly is amazed by frozen. Again is absolutely shocked. Why Alex you can. You can speak now. I love that I want cat processing of the butthole on it. You can imagine may fans go to Amazon prime. You can read Cats FOR LIKE FOUR BUCKS. It would be the best two hours of Your Life. Just put ever get all the all the liquor in your home. Everything but in your coffee table drink-up watch cats and just enjoy. Oh but the end Google cats movie but whole and you will see the trailer make sure you include the board movie. Don't just Google Pat while approximation does causeway her. Our fight like she likes to dress up like a dragon. Ball Z character. Maybe I'll dress up in a cat butthole costume there. You Go Saturday night cats. I love everything about it without our last question about whole ballpark out of the way we got about four more inches me during the mo the most important part mentioned has failed me execute pros at once again so. I think that's a good sign that we wrap up cases born as guest of honor. The floor is yours to plug whatever you want before we saw an off. You've plugged your your coffee connection at the beginning you can book end this episode of the with another club. Well yes OCHRE SURE. Go check out blackout coffee. You guys go to the link. That's in my instagram bio you'll get money off and if you're interested in C. B. I always recommend a rockies. Cbd Product.

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