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A. all weather channel forecast rainy weather for Sears we had all the way through midweek scattered showers possible this morning more of a steadier rain fall this afternoon high near fifty rain after forty said I scattered showers and upper fifties Tuesday more rain Wednesday I'm meteorologist Ken boon from the weather channel one W. and may now it is forty four at Reagan national on John Matthews on one oh five point nine FM WMAL well that's clear enough I guess but if you were going nuts where do you know whether you were going no Sir not I don't think so that's the right thing that's lunch bucket Joe is really the wrong person to ask whether lunch bucket Joe's going nuts are not really do you go to the crazy person an estimate are you going crazy and then when they give you an answer do you believe them kind of a problem another conundrum for the Democrats good Monday to you and welcome we're at eight eight eight six three zero nine six two five eight eight eight six three oh nine six two five lots and lots of fun things that have happened since last week convened on Friday and not the least of which of course is is the big Hollywood gala last night it was the Oscars it's their big annual.

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