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Place. What's the point? And I see like in hills hillside public schools. They're going to remain remote throughout the rest of the academic school year. Uh, Don't problem with that. And I'm thinking at this point, you know, like if it were the school that they was Roosevelt School where they went all their lives, and they have roots And I'd say you know what? Go back. See your friends enjoy. This is you know, they have hardly been there. Uh, I'm asking like 1 802 831 on 1.5. Are you given the opportunity? Are you sending your kids back to school? If they've been home all year, or is it easier to just keep him home? Babe, got the home Learning down. You know, they got the virtual learning down. They started eight o'clock in the morning, they roll out of bed. And they, you know, take care of yourselves. You'll wash whatever they go when they do their work begin, unlike as opposed to getting up like two hours earlier. And having to go freeze waiting there for a bus and then go. It seems like a lot of work. For Three hours a day. A couple of kids in the class and lots of plexiglass. Uh, It's not gonna be the school experience. Of going to class hanging out with your friends going a longe, you know, messing around outside, making those long lasting lifelong friendships. Hopefully, that comes next year when they go to high school. You know, when we'll be over with all this, God willing, and they'll be able to get as the rest of us normal lives back. Often. L Is it really worth it? And even virtual all year and now in January, Okay, you want to go back for two days week? 1, 802, 31 or 1.5. How do you feel? I mean, what are you doing? Are you are your kids in school or at a school? And How's it working out for you? If they're in school, is it you know is Are you comfortable with it? Are they comfortable with it? Then they like it or they rather be home. And if their home at this point what is the point? Of going to school. Is it going to be more confusing? To do it that way. Especially when you got to get up early in the morning to go in and then come home and take other stuff Virtually, you know, I had said the very beginning. What's the point of even opening the school's just leave them closed? Everybody got mad at that. But the idea being that what was the point of opening schools only to close them? And then what happened? He opens in schools and end of closing them. And until we get this whole thing under control With Calvin. We're not really you know, getting over. What the hell did though? But is it really worth it right now? Theo put your kids back in school. Now again, if it's if it's something like high school where they're going to be there for the next four years, maybe I think differently. But the idea of a school that they've hardly been in it all. Now go back for a few months. And then finish. I don't. I think they'd be better off staying home. Just doing it virtually How do you feel about it? 1 802 831 on 1.5. John is in Parliament on New Jersey. One on 1.5. Hey, John. Hey, you don't good. What do you think? So Have my kids in Catholic school, right? Also ones in, uh First grade, and I have pre k right and they've been in school since the beginning on September. I'm also ups driver. I've been out here since the beginning. And, uh, they should just go and open up the schools. I mean, there is there times where somebody would test positive It would test positive and then they would quarantine everyone for two weeks and then go back into schools. But isn't it like, just break things up? I mean, at this point Get what you're saying. But they've been there all through it. But if your kids were not, and they would do in virtual and now all of a sudden, let's say Here we go. This is gonna be their last year. To put him in for two out. Yo, two days a week, three hours a day, Uh, with social distancing and wearing the mask and the whole thing Is it really worth it? Would you do it? Yeah. To go into like to have him in school. Yeah. Yeah, of course. What these kids they because kids, they need to see people. They need to see the parents. They need to see the grand pants, but they see that relation, but they're not going to see that in school. Whoa! My kids have, though they see the grand parents and their parents and school. Oh, well, I'm saying they see their teachers that she the other kids that go outside. They still have recess. They just have their master on. See, this wouldn't be like that. This would be one class to the other class to the other class Few kids in each class and then you go home. Well, that's because that's what they want. They want to set control. That's what they want. What would you do that under those circumstances? You would still do that. All right? Yes. Right. Thanks for the call to New Jersey. One on 1.5. I'm putting you down for Yes, I'm serious. I mean, I just can't see the point of, you know, they haven't been in there all year. And now you.

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