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Wilbur Ross Wilbur sees the census census bureau research suggests it could discourage non-citizens from participating Ross was ordered to be deposed about why he added the question, but the supreme court granted a Trump administration requests to put his deposition on hold for now be shrouded in Manhattan is expected to last two weeks. NPR's Hansie lo-long reporting Caesar say off the man accused of recently, sending out pipebombs two prominent Democrats in critics of President Trump will be held without bail. He made his first court appearance in New York. He was transferred from Florida where CEO was arrested. He faces charges for allegedly mailing more than a dozen explosive devices. No one had been injured the Dow was up one hundred forty five points. This is NPR. News from take you ED news. I'm Brian watt. The Trump administration has asked the US supreme court to consider ending protections for young undocumented immigrants brought to the US as children the move comes as an appeals court in San Francisco is expected to rule on the case soon key for Rita javelin Romero reports attorneys for the US department of Justice say the government is being forced to continue the furred action for childhood arrivals, which they consider unlawful. They're asking the supreme court to intervene, even before the ninth circuit court of appeals issues. The ruling a federal judge in San Francisco was the first to order the Trump administration to resume processing DACA renewals. That was in January and came in response to a lawsuit by the university of California and other plaintiffs an attorney representing UC urged the supreme court not to take up the case calling in an effort to circumvent the normal. Appeals process, and Freddie that Deborah Romeo de news for the first time. A woman will be Muny. Top transit official. Julie Kirschbaum is the new acting director of transit at the San Francisco municipal transportation agency. The move follows the recent retirement of John Haley who stepped down after facing sexual harassment allegations Kirschbaum has served in several transportation post in the city and was Haley's direct subordinate the examiner reports she has managed day to day operations at Muny, and let us system wide redesign.

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