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Texas church shooting and ultimate he'll walk church far wilson katty texas sheriff joe tacket on the man who did just that killing twenty six and wounding twenty more at the first baptist church in sutherland springs texas about thirty miles east of san antonio the gunman his dad either by his own hand or from a brief shootout with a local resident correspondent jim acosta as in tokyo where president trump reacted to the news i called it an act of evil called for prayers said he could not imagine that the suffering that is so that it's happening right now and that small texas town were there so measuring took place former vice president joe biden is tweeted we must persist in our efforts to prevent gun violence and former congress woman gaby gifford's herself a gun victim notes what she calls the alarming frequency with which we watched terrifying scenes i'm richard johnson forecast from the national weather service tonight mostly cloudy skies only down to sixty one for an overnight low tomorrow mostly cloudy a forty percent chance of showers and thunderstorms with a high near seventy three tomorrow ally the 5050 chance of showers and thunderstorms mostly cloudy a low near sixty two tuesday showers and thunderstorms likely mostly cloudy with an afternoon high near seventy two ones day cloudy a 5050 chance of showers again with a high near 60 i'm greg shafer on wgr w sports dog weekdays three till 700 on one or two point three fm the top monster.

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