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The target of a lawsuit after an inmate at the county jail brutally attacked his cellmate. Komo's Corwin Hake with more. According to the lawsuit filed by a former inmate Toby Meagher and his family meagher's cellmate, Troy Lee, bashed meagher's face against the cells steel sink and stomped on his head the suit says meagher's head bounced hard against the concrete floor it happened last July. According to court papers, corrections officers were forced to tackle. And. As the attacker to end the assault. Meager? The victim was himself in jail on assault charges but had already been declared incompetent to stand trial due to mental illness. The suit says he should never have been placed into the cell with Lee because we had a history of violence against fellow inmates and was classified as ultra security the suit seeks unspecified damages. Corwin hake. Komo news work crews, busy removing snow from the roadway leading to and from paradise at mount rainier national park. But as komo's Eric Heintz reports apart may not be open by this weekend. Pork staff went back to work after a short term deal to completely fund. The government was reached last week at last report the paradise parking lot was covered with about four feet of snow. The Tacoma news Tribune reports park staff should have a projected opening date in the coming days, but paradise may be closed until next week. In the meantime, visitors can access the park from the Nisqually entrance and drive as far as the longmire area. Eric Heintz, KOMO news. Some people in the midwest are coming to Seattle to get out of the cold last night. Taylor row. Arrived from Kansas City. But could we get a polar vortex like the midwest is going through while the national weather service says yes, but it's not likely because the ocean and the mountains keep the air around here from getting as cold as a dozen other parts of the country in Olympia. Lawmakers are being urged to consider raising the legal smoking age in Washington to Twenty-one there are bills now in both the state house and the Senate that would raise the minimum age to purchase all tobacco products,.

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