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<hes> go crocodilians. You can go birds. You can go pick sores. You can go to dr turtles. You know what i'm going to give it to the to tara. I'm gonna give us a chance of such a hipster answer now. Well there may be only two species or one species depending on on <hes> what kind of genetic data and they may live on like singles set of offshore islands near new zealand but gosh darn it. It don't look of all of the living reptile groups. If you saw the skull of love a triassic crock relative it would not resemble like superficially you wouldn't see the resemblance between modern crock. If he's <hes> the scar their living fossils <unk> quiet you we've been talking about that on the show for not a fan of the term if you saw the skull of a turtle from two hundred and forty million years ago and compared that with the skull modern turtle you'd be completely confused by if you saw the skoll all of a sweeney dante cousin of the two atara from middle part of the triassic in hell that up next to the skull modern spending on you'd really see the resemblance right away the weird light sensing organ in some lizards do it to all all. Can you be the one or two species of modern needed on all have like the the pioneer is the light sensitive oregon. Just you situated right in the middle of the top of the head head weird well as long as we can agree that legless lizards who aren't snakes need to get it together because that's just annoying confusing. I think we're i think we're good yeah. It does bother us. Well like don't be if you're a lizard have legs or be a snake. You tell us if there's this phenomenon evolution where multiple groups try and achieve the same anatomical solution possibly resolve fused refused to accept your also podcast her side your your podcast. I am part of a three person team that produces pastime which is a podcast focused on natural history in general we try and target kind of a broad audience if you're if you're someone who listens to the science sort of a i am not sure yes the audience i just i just don't want to bore your audience because pastime pastime is not a boring say that but it's very much targeted at sort of the discovery channel type audience than no science in terms of like the middle school level of understanding understanding but hasn't necessarily pursued it beyond that so we we very much want to target those sort of folks with the the latest in discoveries from natural history from paleontology to inform just the history of the planet. Is there a favorite episode or an episode you you want to point people to if they haven't listened before like here's your first as crappy as the audio is and had like the idea of doing the. I like the idea of doing this special edition dishes with <hes> with more morgan's. The boss is leasing. I like the idea of doing a special edition of actually our first episode of pastime which is <music> <hes> it focuses around interview with paleontologist david kraus about fieldwork in the cretaceous period of madagascar and not only only the incredible fond of of of animals glued dinosaurs mammals crocs all kinds of things that they discovered there but also the general question of how to paleontologist decide where to dig in the first place. I think that's that's a good episode to start with and not only be introduced to myself and and my first co host matthew boards now curator of fossil primates at the duke lemur center. He and i started there and i think that's it's that is a good episode of star easy. If you can recommend the episode that's dead <hes> so i imagine your show is available. Wherever wherever the person is getting this episode from absolute listening listening you go get pastime as well pastime dot org is.

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