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These are show with their STU gods on E._S._P._N.. Radio these headsets are so low mike like I'm sitting at Dan spot. You guys know my headsets are usually cranked up. I need to hear myself speaking. It's a weird thing. I just do it for so long. It's probably unhealthy probably GONNA lose. I already 'em losing my sense of hearing I just add but I have them cranked up high because I need a certain way in order to do this job <hes> to do this job at all and I can't hear myself at the headsets right now. It's very disturbing. You don't know how to turn up the volume well. No I've turned up the volume as highs like attorney and it's still very very low not comfortable. That's weird so you're saying that your specific corner can go even higher than the Max Volley. I shot at one our engineer yes to give me Max volume. Whenever Max volume is I said listen whenever these two because there's you know in our studio there are three places for a host to sit so we all have kind of controls where we could control the volume of our headsets and I think Dan has his set at a way where it can't be that high and mine is setting away where it can go hiking up by could just keep turning it? I could keep turning it. Keep turning it. I just turning it to the right and it never stops. Dan Stops. It's weird. I like this. Eh Stop there are low calls by the way tons of them. I will get to perhaps we'll see seventy six four five six forty three seven celebrating the month of Joe Lie. Yes fact Chris. What did you make of the <hes>? Here's what I love about golf. I'm going to get Christmas thoughts here in the Open Championship. Is You have a Guy Shane Larry who I think if you watch golf or the weekly basis you know he's good enough to what a major so it was not a surprise to people who watch a lot of golf who consume a aww golf but what I love about golf is this is a guy who did in his hometown was celebrated was a lot of fun to watch was very emotional. I watched the entire thing. Even though I prefer the final round of the majors to be close with you know oh a smattering of guys all having a chance to win some young some all Shane Larry a guy who has missed the Kat four on the last four times. He's played the open miss. The cut had a four-stroke lead at oakmont in the U._S.. Open at choke that away big time but yesterday and the entire weekend the third round he played sixty three shot as good around as I've ever seen <hes> but I love the fact that the Best Golfer in the world right now the champion Golfer the guy that looks like fat Chris that made me really excited of it makes me feel like I could still get out there and maybe do something with the right coaching. Honestly that was a really cool story and he dominated that Saturday like you said you won't see a better at at that course you won't see a better around the Nabet. He put the tournament away on Saturday he really did but I feel like the news of the weekend. I was just angry at Brooks Kafka. How did you feel about this angry at kept Guy Love Kepco more today than I've ever loved Brooke scepter first off? He made a really ugly shirt. Look really really good. no-one fills out his shirt like Brooks Kapka. Nobody nobody he about talking about golf. It's sports he. That's his thing actually he did it with the hats at the masters he does this thing hooker style..

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