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The sporting life with jeremy shop over the next hour journalists ken benching recalls when the us helped expose corruption and soccer's largest governing body that blatter is reelected president yet again in three hundred after that bladder says actually gonna resign and you just feed the whole thing collapsing and it just all fell into the wait a bit plus sixty story about how thirties trick neva's coleman into signing away his freedom despite his claims of innocence they told me that pass and go home i'm going to go through it by signing i can go lastly in are not spn radio series baseball tonight's buster only tells the story of a trip to his old high school and i said how many you would sit down and watch for first pitch to last bitching baseball game and you could see germany the looks on their faces it was his if i asked him if they wanted to go to prison this is the sporting life on espn radio and the espn app here's jeremy shop welcome to another district is forty earlier this year a mandate nevis coleman returned to his job on the chicago white sox grounds crew after having spent nearly twenty four years in prison that he sixty stories coming up later in the show but i last week there was big news out of russia would we found out that the united states along with canada and mexico will play host to the twenty twenty six world cup quite a shocking turn of events considering where the us was just three and a half years ago in terms of its relations with fee for the global governing body for soccer at that time the us was leading the charge investigating fee for corruption at the top particularly the administration of then fee for president sepp blatter to break down exactly what happened back then and how the us helped bring down bladder we welcome to the show ken benza girth the author of a new book red card how us blew the whistle on the world's biggest sports scandal can't thank you for being with us thanks so much for having me jerry ten considering the the level of enmity between fever and the united states of america just a few years ago and what we saw with loretta lynch and and jim komi and all of the fief officials who are being dragged through american courts and the downfall of sept bladder all of that stuff.

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