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How many times have you done this today facing paying for your kofi you'll learn shield bills in fact paint that anything is likely to be a very different experience in the future one of the possibilities is that we will digitized money make the move to cryptocurrencies you've probably heard the term and seen stories about bitcoin maybe even a theory of them and bits of news round governments attempting to regulate currencies but do you know what they all how they'll work and the changes that may come with them dear with her eighth to spat cryptocurrencies and whether you know anything about cryptocurrency hood frighten not not ray who he was nothing backing cryptocurrencies by storm blac chyna this way pittsburgh currencies loan zilic select with coins so big like bitcoin uh no i'm doing a stalled this is feature tents and this week i'm hoping to make the confusing world of cryptocurrencies a little claire for you before we can even begin to get our heads around cryptocurrencies we need to take a closer look at the technology behind it most of us have heard of block chain but how many of his really understand it created by a person or group of people under the pseudonym of cibitoke she nakamoto dog chain is a digitized decentralised public ledger historic fee we've only created in introduced new ledger systems won't 70000 thousand years also and every time we have monumental changes have occurred from professors imports director of the book churn an aversion hubbard armata university here in melbourne sir as far back as as we've heard economies and we've had history move had ledger technologies using numbers to records transactions about the fourteenth century we developed doubleentry bookkeeping which.

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