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Richard Nixon discussed on Michael Berry


Offering their opinions you know what I haven't seen I haven't seen what Richard Nixon called the silent majority I think there are a lot of people out there it is very angry what they see happening in their country and they are confused and anxious and surprised and angry chest Matt this is happening there's no other time in America that you could go burn down a building in the cop simply watch it happen and go well we're not doing that we've been given orders just don't burn too much burn too much resident had to go to the underground bunkers secret service insisted he go to the underground bunker apparently he resisted but they would have none of it because the protesters got too close to the White House they broke through the barricades if the Chinese army broke through the barricades we download on this is a protest this is a protester we kidding who we kidding here this is meant to threaten and intimidate and if they choose to cause great harm I think there are a lot of people watching at home sending enough crackdown push back arrest and prosecute but here's why and I have had conversations with people who don't live in the city of Houston don't live in major cities they live out a little ways our government is more responsive more efficient more effective takes on fewer tasks has less corruption and they said to me why is this happening but don't forget you're still we're still talking about the major to still talk about a Democrat city you've got a district attorney that's as liberals they get Balsall kemana but let's not forget what was happening during the run of ours the Harris County judge was was shutting down everything she possibly could the commandant day where she been by the way where's the commandant a bit she must be tucked away but there is a silent majority of Americans out there watching what's happening and I hope they remember this come November I really did Brent your Michael berry show go ahead well it becoming like a sailor tale of two cities you used to have been through this numerous times in my forty years here in Minneapolis has their boy mayor with the shock of hair and he's young but he's clearly are the steps but you recall Houston has back in seventy eight white and Hispanic with Jose campus towers we had white on white with Randall Webster white on black with fiery Gilman scratch your heart Hispanic or black with desire to lead a lane and then finally black on white last year with a drug bust went wrong but each time Houston handled it differently we adjusted we make changes we came out of it with a better police force and why is used to handle these instances better than other cities are you asking yes well I think you have a lot less animosity let's start there mmhm you know I would go back to I think it was nineteen seventy two N. the police chief at the time rolled up on cash I used to know these things what's the name of the housing complex in third ward next city issue you might you might remember the name of it is housing complex Robinson Robertson I can't know what it was but he he ordered officers to fire and I think the investigation yielded over three thousand shell casings that was a low point there was a lot of racial tension and violence at the time that was a low point that was uncalled for that was over the top and I think that's the last time you've seen anything like that I think there were a lot of improvements made out I will I give an example when what was Curtis's last Curtis graves ran for the state Senate against Barbara Jordan Barbara Jordan was supported by a number of white downtown businessman and those guys would later help Barbara Jordan go to Congress in those guys I think were a big part of being responsible for tamping down racial tensions guys like Ken lay guys like Jack Blanton guys like Ben love and it's a different time today it wouldn't happen that way but I think they set in place in the seventies especially I think they set in place personalities you know Barbara Jordan called for calm Barbara Jordan opposed illegal immigration Barbara Jordan said welfare is bad for blacks Barbara Jordan was pro law enforcement Barbara Jordan was good for the eighteenth congressional district and Sheila Jackson Lee runs around talking about how she's the heir to Barbara Jordan she wants to be compared to Barbara George she's no Barbara Jordan Barbara Jordan was a black elected official who had incredible influence within the national Democratic Party she spoke at the seventy six convention when Carter was elected she was the keynote she spoke at the ninety two convention at bill Clinton's request where Clinton would win the nomination and when Sheila Jackson Lee is exact opposite she's whatever will get hurt if gang bangers if if she's.

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