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The interview I can't even tell you how outraged I am by all of this as well she should be and thank god she's stepped up because the corrupt law firm of Covington Burling betrayed their client and undermined withheld documents from their own client we learned day before yesterday Andrew McCarthy is a former U. S. attorney and by the way William Barr in January called for a review of what happened to flim Flynn and he had the U. S. attorney that Eastern District of Missouri Jeffrey Jensen conduct the investigation of that's what's starting to come out now because you had to hire these you know Durham John Durham is the U. S. attorney for Connecticut had to bring him in because Washington is so filthy corrupted such a cesspool of deep state left wing corrupt people many of whom should literally be in penitentiaries that you had to go out to the Midwest and Connecticut to find honest people I think bill brought Barbara a lantern Andrew McCarthy last night also on the fox news channel since nobody else is covering the story for years a number of us have been arguing that this looks like a perjury trap we're now seeing the paper trail starts to catch up with what common sense is set for a long time yeah I think so Lindsey Graham who sometimes steps up to the plate and he has been stepping up for general Flynn thankfully job Lindsey Graham last night was also on the only channel that is covering the story the fox news channel talking about general Flynn and what he deserved versus what he got from the Colby corrupt FBI general Flynn deserve better from his government he was willing to die for his country the people who are involved in this I hope will be held to account Attorney General Barr is begin things to right wrongs there's a lot more coming I promise you that everybody who signed the FISA warrant against Carter page will be asked to testify before the Judiciary Committee whether they come or not will be up to them but they will be asked to come and the goal is to make sure this never happens again to any American muscle as a war hero yeah you know that congressman Jim Jordan is up there and he's saying this is worse than we thought it worse than we even thought Gregg Jarrett wrote a book on the subject he is a journalist at fox news and he's an attorney he was on this morning on the fox and friends program to talk about what we've learned over the last hours really and he's not amused you know I I thought this is the most outrageous unethical.

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