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Our original music was composed by Leo Sidrin. We'll be back tomorrow with another big take. I'm Wes Kosova. Stay with us. Today's top stories and global business headlines are coming up right now. Broadcasting 24 hours a day at Bloomberg .com and the Bloomberg Business Act. This is Bloomberg Radio. President Biden is wrapping up meetings at the G20 Summit in India. In a closing statement issued Saturday, world leaders called for a just and durable peace in Ukraine. However, they stopped short of condemning Russia for its invasion and urged nations to respect each other's borders. President Biden says the U .S. will provide assistance to Morocco following a deadly earthquake if requested. At least 1 ,000 people are confirmed dead and hundreds more injured by Friday's magnitude 6 .8 earthquake. Biden said he is deeply saddened by the loss of life and devastation in a statement this morning. The full final report from the special grand jury in Georgia that investigated former President Trump has been released. Jim Forbes has details. It reveals that the grand jury recommended charges against South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, former Georgia Republican Senator David Perdue, former Georgia Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler and many others who were not charged. The special Fulton County grand jury's decisions did ultimately result in the indictment of Trump and 18 others on felony racketeering and conspiracy counts. I'm Jim Forbes. The manhunt continues for a convicted killer in Pennsylvania.

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