Coming Out Stories: Leighton From Warrington


Are going to hear from layton. He grew up in warrenton in the northwest of england but his family are from. Nigeria is a country where it still illegal to be gay and layton felt so unsafe. He didn't even go to his own. Dad's funeral when i was about fourteen. Fifteen escort the time. All my friends were like. Oh yeah gets and girlfriends and all that and there was this particular girl that everyone thought. I'll go after book. I was just not interested. That's all but at the center couldn't sell any of my friends because been warrants and added time. That was three so warranting. wasn't this developed mentally. Just straight on obama's what everyone knew times but by the time i was sixteen then met someone at school who were showing the same interest so trump site so again instead of going to peak class. We were more interested hats class and all that so we kind of realize okay. Maybe we are live in the same way and things developed and we got together and get a free and this was your first love time. Presumably at school in warrington. I remember the first time we kissed was actually on the back of the school field next to the small reviver time and it was. It was fun and we get so two thousand three and everyone just thought will mates so hang on a minute. Let me get this right. So that was a company as after three s so together for eight years with your first boyfriend was seventy six twenty three. So that's quite extraordinary. Isn't it and you have that relationship secretly. It was create even when we moved giver. Everyone just over friends. My parents lived about a mile away. They follow friends as well. Thought you know just two. Lads shared a house together nothing more and because we had quite law female friends. That couldn't say debate. Friend of their star. Maybe we are in details as well

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