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Last week, Gates was in hot water for alleged sex trafficking, paying for sex and having sex with an underage girl Sex. Embrace yourselves. They've got the receipts, and I'll grease you with some gross gas in the latest in our recurring segment, Gates Gate, I'll buy 12 boxes of thin mints. If you're willing to tag along and dosed you dope. On Thursday, We heard that Gates might get flipped on by his partner in crime, former Florida tax collector and realtor who's a little too excited to let you know they shot a porno in this apartment, Joel Greenberg. Greenberg is accused of procuring for gates and pay for sex. He's a pimp. Late Thursday. We learned of a transaction involving Gates, Greenberg and they then 18 year old woman made on Venmo. You're doing crimes on an app. How dumb are these guys? Was like organizing a hit on words with friends in May 2018 to Venmo transactions on the same night show that Gates sent Greenberg $900. Well. The next morning, Greenberg used the same map to send three young women varying sums of money which amounted to $900. Okay, I know that seems incredibly stupid and incriminating. And it gets dumber. Follow

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