Nvidia to Directly Challenge Intel With Arm-Based Server Chip


For we start off tonight with a semi smackdown the gloves coming off in the battle of the giants. Invidia fires of direct shot at intel. Let's get straight to. Josh lipton with all the details josh so melissa ceo jensen wong is transformed into a true powerhouse. With that companies graphics chips these are processors that generate images and accelerate. Now video plans to make its own servers. Cpu to those are the primary brains in most computing devices in video. Also saying t. That's first quarter. Revenue is tracking above its previous outlook of five point. three billion. And that's doc posted. Its best day here over a month. Some investors clearly saw in announcement as a direct shot at intel with reported twenty six billion in revenue permits data center group in two thousand and twenty. That was a jump eleven percent. that's doctors had. Its worst day since late february. So how bad is this news. Though for pat gelsinger techy. Patrick moore had capturing that his copy still does both certain advantages invidia with his new service is targeting more of a niche market. Patrick says and intel's still the giants dominates about ninety percent of this market. No response from intel on that invidia news. There was also that big one chip summit today remember. President binds infrastructure plan does include fifty billion dollars to the american chip industry. Melissa back to you josh. Quick question on the niche market point. How big is this market. Or how profitable is this to make the such a big deal that they're going after specifically this narrow part of the market. You're going after what it's called the hp hp mortgage so that is a market that would include things like national lab laboratories like los alamos. That's why patrick moorhead. In his point was saying one. These are different. Intel as dominating about ninety percent of that service you market and patrick's point is that intel's focus is different. It's really targeting. More general business uses and cloud providers. But we'll see how it plays out and listen

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