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Tonight. The urgent alert the cdc and fda recommended a pause and the johnson and johnson covid vaccine after rare reports of blood clots appointments for the one shot vaccine cancelled in all fifty states after six. Women develop blood clots one of them. Dying our exclusive with a recipient in the hospital symptom she experienced. What does it mean. If you're among the nearly seven million who've received the j j. vaccine at how far could it set back the race to vaccinate. Dr fauci is here answering our questions. The police chief in the officer. Who fatally shot dante right resigning a day after the release of the body cam and a second night and violence will that officer face charges. What we've learned derek. Chauvin defense calling. Its first witnesses after the prosecution rests. Show attorney showing bodycam george floyd previous arrest and the friend influence. Suv's speaking publicly for the first time president biden set to announce the full withdrawal of us troops from afghanistan. Why the deadline. He chose his so symbolic and the officer honored in the capital. He died protecting the powerful ceremony and the moment between the president and the fallen heroes. Seven-year-old daughter this is nbc. nightly news. with lester holt. Good evening everyone. The race vaccinate americans against covid nineteen hit a gut check moment today one concerning enough to cause federal health authorities to call for a pause and using shots made by johnson and johnson. And that's because six women who've received the single dose shots later developed blood clots. One woman died the. Fda wants a pause now to investigate any potential links to the shots. Here's what we know. The cases are extremely rare. Six out of nearly seven million j. j. vaccinations given white house officials say they have ordered enough of the other. Two vaccines to keep up the current pace. Vaccinations tonight more than one hundred. Twenty two million americans have received at least one dose of covid vaccines in a few minutes. My conversation with dr fauci about the news and what you should know. But i late details. Miguel almaguer after. Today's stunning announcement. States began cancelling johnson and johnson vaccination appointments the fda and cdc calling for a pause in the use of the single dose shot out of an abundance of caution authorities. Say six women out of the nearly seven million people who've received the vaccine developed rare and severe blood cloudy one died another is in critical condition. Nbc news speaking exclusively. To a twenty nine year. Old hospitalized in nashville. We went to the er week after g a week after the shot when i was having fever and they up anything strange were so went home And just continue to kind of worse over the following week.

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