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Former. Cpa entrepreneur business consultant with big ideas. Welcome to tears to business. Hey sarah welcome to the show. Thanks for having me the recent to have you on the show today is because you've done marketing does your career. Yes over ten years plus right and so you didn't happen to be at one meeting. I was with you know. Coast and dr x marketing falls under the by wall and so i was having lunch with jane. Glover whose head over our marketing. She is in a group that markey's named with that group We we really just called our medical marketing all just get together and quarterly And just toss visit each other. Yeah so just different marketing people from the different medical places around does medical. I think so. I didn't really know about it. Until i joined hospices as their marketing director and think either jennifer schuler or jane. One of them reached out to me and invited me to join the group. Now that's cool off idea. Have people to toss ideas with that are in the same type of industry or do what you do is very important. Yeah and sometimes we'll email each other in between meetings because their quarterly and be like. Hey trinity this what it. What program did you use them. Find success in and people respond back and forth. So it's really helpful. I think every facet. I don't care if you're bookkeepers association. Or just some kind of pr group hr group or whatever but in webs at this luncheon that was being hosted and was only financial person there but because marketing falls under me. I wanted to sit in and they were listening to me talk and they were floored because i see marketing as an investment and so some of them. And i'm not gonna say who. Because i don't wanna drop bus it up said no. We have to fight for every penny we have to fight and said that's the topic of the discussion today. Have you ever faced that I think i've faced that in. You know pass jobs and certainly in ways in this current job to all right so there's a theory and i've said it on this podcast before that i think marketing should be seven to eight percent. So of your cells are five thousand. Then keep it seven percent. That's okay but you wanna grow. So when they jump and they go to ten thousand. Don't say i mean say yay but don't keep your budget the same that it was increase it to a seven eight percent in marketing growing. So your sales can grow exactly right now. What should they do if their sales are only five hundred in the crown I guess and they would need to. you know. Think of ways that they could figure out a budget that they could use an really hit some of those things or reach out to some of the resources where it's not so high value right run an ad on tv and if you want jeopardy at you know six o'clock or whatever that's going to be way higher price point than maybe you know one of the other channels that doesn't get as much traction same radio things like that. Yeah you kind of make your money work for you. I think that it has to be seen as an capital investment. Yes i think if you want. Obviously if you're crying and you're at five hundred people don't know about you exactly then you have to get off the checkbook a lot of the place that i worked at before for instance a restaurant that i worked for and they want they were like we need to get people in the door. When need people say Let's put together some events if we have events they'll come and so you know we did like running group live music couple nights trivia night things like that but people don't just walk in the door because they don't know about the events the people that are walking into are already support your business yes so we would run ads and lanap and we would you know promote it via social media and just do some boosted posts things like that. We weren't spending tens of thousands of dollars but and starting small like that. He was able to see. Oh wow like you know.

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