No. 3 Ole Miss Overcomes 11-Run Deficit but Still Loses to No. 2 Arkansas


Know there's news in the state house as always but Would be wrong in saying that. The hottest conversation the last two or three days and maybe all week long and mississippi involves college baseball. I the only reason you'd be wrong because timeframe should have been since about february staff college. Baseball is Is the topic. We'll tell us about the The past weekend. And then we'll look ahead to this coming weekend because In reading you and keeping up with all my friends down there. It was wild weekend this past weekend and make it even wilder next weekend. The cliff notes version is. Arkansas was number two team in the country. This the number three team in the country. Arkansas ended up taking two out of three from old miss in oxford with Absolute amazingly weird game on sunday. Where inside and eleven. Nothing lead olmecs came back to tie it fourteen to fourteen and then arkansas ended up scoring four runs in the last two innings to to take the win but that seems kind of like a footnote to the fact that over a course a two days over a course of three games there were more than thirty three thousand fans who attended this one and next weekend in a state that again is still open up after the that regulations illness is going to be playing mississippi state and another top ten series this time in starkville with Again we'll see if mississippi state wants to try and beat. What ole miss just achieve to and have the biggest College baseball weekend of the year. Probably all season unless louisiana starts loosening restrictions. A little

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