White House: U.S. Will Not Require Americans to Carry Vaccine Passports


A return to the office is in the cards literally for millions of workers across the country. Many businesses now require vaccine passport cards or digital passes to gain entry that, CBS News correspondent Adriana Diaz says The federal government is not following suit. White House and some governors are hesitant about vaccine passports, citing privacy and civil liberties concerns. You don't want to create a separate classes of citizens based on whether somebody receive vaccines, science is clear them. DePaul University bioethicist Craig Clubman points out that this immunization card has been required for entry to certain countries since 1969 which do you value more the freedom of people to go about and do whatever they want? Not worry about the repercussions that have for other people, or are we concerned about providing the best health that we can for community in New York State is embracing vaccine passports. Texas governor says no way The

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