California May Reopen By Mid-June, Contingent On Public Health Metrics


California governor is planning for life after the pandemic gavin newsom says if corona virus. Numbers keep improving. This can happen june fifteenth. We can start to open up as business as usual subject to ongoing mask wearing and ongoing vigilance k. q. e. d. reporter. April dembosky is in san francisco and covering the story eagerly no doubt good morning. Good morning while looking forward to life. Something like normal except still wearing masks. Go right for this to work right. There are two main things Vaccines in hospitalizations. So california had one of those slower vaccine rollouts in the beginning. But now it's doing pretty well. The state has administered twenty million vaccine. So far that's more than france or germany. If california were a country we'd be six in the world for the number of shots given so the governor says if supplies stay steady like that there will be enough vaccine for all adults in california to be fully protected by june fifteenth. The other thing is you know. Our hospitalization rates have been declining. Death rates are low. Case rates are low so as long as both of those trends continue as long as people stay out of the hospital and the state continues to get the vaccine supplies. It's expecting the reopening can move

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