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Everything in life worth having is going to probably take five to ten times more time and more work than you think it should you know that just a simple fact. Why do you laugh just cuz I think about us sometimes yeah, that was something that we commonly look at and we did a podcast about dead. Something like thirty things we wish that we would have that's number one. And that was on it was things will take longer even with your best efforts accept the fact that it's going to take longer than we would all like in the problem is really nowadays. Especially societally people believe that it's like everyone's a millionaire by the time they're in their twenties and success is so easy to find and guys just a big perpetuated lie at the end of the day and you know it song I was just on a podcast just literally right before this podcast with Ricky Carruth. Yeah, and I coached him for a little while back in 2015. He told me I don't remember. I mean, I remember coaching I took the year. I'm sure and he told me that was one of the most valuable things that I taught him, which I appreciated that he remembered. Well, I told everyone that forever, right but the very fact that he remembered that he said it's made a you know, momento momentous defection is his business and personal life cuz he's realized that's true and he's also seen along the way how other people aren't patient enough and they're constantly looking for shortcuts. And actually I wrote something down that was going to share with all the podcast. For today that came from that conversation I had with Ricky shortcuts exist to distract you from the correct path. There you go. You know, that is the bottom-line. Yeah. Yeah. So that is the truth. If you guys think about that the shortcuts and the easy buttons down it you can even go as far as to say, you know, the shortcuts in the easy buttons are almost traps. They're keep you from the correct path. They're very old code followed those paths. Yeah, follow this path. It's so much easier. You don't have that work is hard, but what they they they suck the life out of you you lose weeks months use lose years. You can lose your entire life because you never actually realized that the easy buttons and Shortcake that people like to celebrate, you know, there's books there's seminars there's coaches there's gurus and you know, they're all trying to teach you hacks and shortcuts. It's all bullshit guys. You gotta realize it for what it is everything you want in life anything meaningful worth having in life comes on the other side of doing what you don't want to do Julie Harris when you don't want to do it at the highest level that does not mean that you are dabbling at it now and then see previous page. Like, you know follow what they schedule for example. All right, so number ten, where are you getting help and this one drives me a little bit Bonkers because I I just see so much, you know agents searched each other and your problem is is you go to Facebook groups and you read you never tell us but you read what the agents are basically that and you drive yourself crazy. You need something I go off to see like what they're dealing with overall. Sometimes I see like little hacks to getting around. You just said hacks. Well, that's true. I guess what I'm looking for is the mindset and the ethos of what they're dealing with which is was one of the catalysts to last week's podcast about ending the buyer agent torture great and getting them to realize that you've got to be a listing agent now instead of continuing to run in that rat race. For example, that's what I I'm trying to figure out like, you know out there what they're dealing with but in between I say ninety percent of it really is garbage you're wanting to essentially tap into the Zeitgeist. It's the same reason I listen to clubhouses juice. Anything else? Well, you know, it's ways for us to keep our thumb on the pulse of the industry Beyond just our coaching cleaner cuz people that come our coaching clients. They're they are on a path. That's totally different from what you see on Facebook. Yeah. It's very clearly. Yeah, they people and I know that because sometimes our clients will post and they'll be like, well it's because of your not doing what you're supposed to do when you're supposed to do it. I mean they have the answer but by and large there's too many agents seeking out advice from people who are unqualified to give it. So what's your when you go to those Facebook groups and you go to clubhouse frankly. There's it's it's basically you're faced with the real levels of learning thing right way and the first level of learning and again as we always do or taking a side step but this is really important you guys recognize where you are in this learning Spectrum stages of Mastery call it what you want. But the first one is unconscious and competition and unconscious incompetence is basically where you don't know what you don't know and people could stay in a state of unconscious incompetence their entire lives and frankly most people do so when you're on Facebook and two Julie's Point number, whatever dead. 10:00, right if you're going to those groups and you don't know what you don't know and you're then asking other people who don't know what they don't know you're going to get more of a bunch of garbage and you're never going to get anywhere and then the stage beyond that is where people hire Julie and I and our company to be a coach's for them. That's where they're consciously incompetent where they basically realize there's a whole bunch of crap.

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