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Is still kicking my ass as usual. Say levy and all that milwaukee but we still standing we are still standing of what else has been going on. Still working away through basil galactica. A couple of percents yesterday which was fairly decent again as i mentioned previously. I'm still not very still not sold on this whole idea about the silence. Being shaped shift in shape shifting human cyborg thing he mcgee's everyone that's called dick basically falling in love with him. That's not really my vibe but overall in terms of space opera. I'm loving it. I'm loving every bevis so that's been pretty decent to you know get involved in. Malaka puffins at nine. Oh center was today. May not a plane tomorrow against granada in europe leak. That's about it really to to. We have this impending vaccine possible thing happening soon in the uk. Which i mentioned on the show while back ago right. I said it was going to be inevitable especially for live events. I was very much you say. I was pretty much certain at a time. When i heard that gave floated that they will definitely going to make thing regardless of the vaccine was successful and now even in the post vaccine world in a car park vaccine would with still kind of facing the prospect of having to submit our or make our public health a private health information public to gain access to things that we didn't need to make it available for right so to go to pablo cinema festivals in concepts. And now we're going to require you to have some sort of document that proves debated knock allies from this kind of bullshit is whole complete. Shishir again like i mentioned prior. I did really think from the outset. It was something that was bound to happen. You know soon as the idea it. It was very much unlucky to turn back and say oh no. We're not going to do anymore. It was definitely going to happen. It was just a matter of when if if So that is something were sort of having to battle with here in the uk. But you know. I think how say you know how it's difficult if we had a decent opposition to boris who actually stood for something than might have actually helped in terms of being able to kind of another narrative. Pushback from this'll were under the moment but seeing kissed on with a little bit passive and i don't know what kind of back deal he's abaco. He has with the tories but he just doesn't strike me. Somebody s going to you. Know for lack of a better term strike strikeout. I hall tech advantage of the indecision and sentiment in the uk and basically side with things that would say plagiarize outta history but side with the current sentiment in the country and basically guarantee votes when we goes to general election in a few years. But he's probably not going to do that. he's not he. You know begrudgingly back the bill. We're gonna end up having to give our medical bills over to some random person working to spoons and this is going to be a completion. And he's talking to and from there. I because soon as we have that we've effectively got our own version of biometric. Id card in some respects right. got probably more information on dead than some of our european counterparts have on their. Id 'cause records the standard thing they have in the european union. I e qods basically giving you a day above i'm not. I'm not sure it's called blood type of appreciate hasn't but essentially as you know think that you carry around us. That advocated a possible. So you can you know gain excesses places. Maybe cross borders wherever you may be. We'll end up having something far worse than that will contain a level of information. You know private health information that you've probably shouldn't be sharing to private businesses but there is also an argument that private businesses have a right to request whatever they want in order for you to excess to their services or they're building whatever it may be so it's a of a situation like i said especially considering we've got vaccine is working pretty well and people are being a lot more willing to go and get vaccinated which. I was very surprised by so to be in a situation where not the moment where we're currently having to face this whole idea coughing. Or what. What do they call it. Announced snow possible is a certificate certification. Something kind sums will appear in front which is a whole different array of issues again. Right you have to flip in face idea. Look then you can have to upload and kind of input william private health information and then share that with some you know Bless her heart and part time awaking in local poverty your area in order to get a good drink still or to go to vegas for a tenor like it's just an opposition absolutely show but again what can we do. What can we do go jump atrophy today as per usual. Lasagna dive unin so it. Make a drink hilo snacky that good stuff in between less. Get in both. I mean i. I kind of stumbled upon today. That kind of got me thinking call. You know what things have changed so much these years. I don't even think there's anybody in the scene right now. Exists us of the level of you. Know somebody that can escalate very influential would say Graham mc from slim crew unfortunately pasta. I m going to say. In two thousand seventeen in my been famously known as being jimmy hoffa coverage media for being a professional footballer buffet for a host of privy teams here in england and escobar was one of his kind of half prevalent.

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