Coinbase Posts Record $1.8 Billion in Revenue


Promised coin base has reported its quarterly earnings ahead of next week's direct listing on the stock market. And the t. l. d. r. Is they have a great business. I mean they have a great business quoting decrypt coin basic. It's one first. Quarter earnings on tuesday revealing that the crypto giant made a profit of between seven hundred and thirty million and eight hundred million dollars on revenue of approximately one point eight billion dollars. The results amounted to a blockbuster quarter for coin base eclipsing its performance for the entire previous year and quote. Let me repeat that last line. Their first quarter of this year was better than all of last year. Also let me point out those margins profit of eight hundred million dollars on one point. Eight billion in revenue that's amazing they had trading volume of three hundred and thirty five billion dollars. So there you go as long. As crypto is hot they can make bank easily and they have fifty six million users which is a lot but when you consider that they believe everyone will be into crypto someday. Clearly there's plenty of room for growth. They're not even at a hundred million users. Let me quote a tweet thread from roaming chef about these numbers quote. Those user numbers are larger than almost every global bank every payment gateway including square then mo etcetera every major stock trading platform including robin

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