A highlight from DOT and LTC Looking To Break


You what all that much trading In fact i just enjoy myself down there. And as a seven the podcasts the other diets about just making sure you're taking profits and enjoy them. Make you law a enjoy the live with enjoy your profits and enjoy living ula speaking which look on and talk to you about what's going on at the moment with regards to the top ten neyla bitcoin's a little bit high doing the very obvious level. We've got to get through a sixty thousand. We gotta get above sixty thousand two hundred. We go slot low high on the daily now. I'm not too concerned. At this point. We looked to be in some of the consolidation. Build into that sixty thousand dollar level. Now as far as i can say from my rating across the News will go back essays to be much much more. Good news coming out more accessibility. Full papal to get involved in the space and some big firms coming out with some relatively wild predictions from auburn thirty thousand four hundred and seventy thousand bitcoin by the end of the year. Which high look. I'm all fours obviously a big price. Bitcoin maine's a big run for australia's and speaking try it. As there is a huge amount of new trade is to come on. Board racing have joined us in a promotion. So you've got two months in live trading floor you get to basically get the skinny for may age. I five days a week. Plus videos six days i wake on. What's this riding. And all that sorta stuff so while welcome for the newbies and if you did not get a hold of it thank you still go ahead and get that have any problems and decided that craig said on the podcast. The today the today the non the ice of april you can still have that Discount and extension Available to side. Aci bitcoin wrought. Now what have way here where fifty six thousand six hundred sixty non-ethnic currently up percent now. It's not really doing much on us. Big coined the market of. Bitcoin is really quite slow. It's not really tried Reminds the signed. We've gotta get through that sixty thousand two hundred from made ready to To be too interested they on a theory and being next on top ten. It's up one and a half percent at one thousand nine hundred ninety four dip below that two thousand mock. Nothing again too extreme. Nothing they bothered about worried about. It's just now a matter of whiting and saying if we can push on a little bit more to give us what we want and what we want. Is it too bright. High up nothing really to speak off from trading point of view of course exile pay over the last few days way we had to die the develop fully full percent than twenty percent the following day down sixteen percent yesterday today two point. Two six percent up and tickling around that ninety three sent markham whiteness. See if i can get anything. He conned something on the lawns of of consolidation. Bitcoin breakout taught. That's sort of thing. I'll be after here. It's a pretty good spot and had a lot of momentum so just keeping on what goes on with ex up currently ninety three cents two point two five percent up. Bitcoin cash also sitting in the sweet spot.

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