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The bear episode 38-38 play. I was trying to think about this before we started recording who a good number 38 would be and I couldn't think of one. Honestly this time. It's like the Bergeron thing where we kind of joked about it, but I number 38 on a Bruins always loved starting to show off by not knowing something. I think there's no better way to start a show off than being like, I don't know something that I should have probably looked up before but that is it poke the bear episode number thirty-eight thousand Parrott house key. That's kind of ride a Boston Sports channel Connor how we doing Evans. I'm doing very well. How you doing? I'm doing well and you are now vaccinated to you are also vaccinated. I am I am also yes, I've crossed the other side with the Evan got moderna shot part of the moderna mob but during a bob that's us baby fabulous together home. So yes, very thankful very relieved and looking forward to going to many a outdoor beer garden this summer. So, oh you're in very thankful and relieved. Oh, yeah, I know. So if we're looking at number thirty-eight was that not Jordan Caron. I was just thinking the mini you said never 30s destroyed Quran. It is Jordan her on that case. This is Jordan coronavirus owed thier I know people were definitely listening pissed like they're joined crunch. It's Jordan Quran, but yes, I'm also excited to be vaccinated as well. So I will be Reckless this summer. No kidding. I'm kidding guys. Come on but no, I'm I think it's going to be a fun summer just to be back out again and things are probably going to be closer to normal. I would think I think people still be in masks. I wonder of the mandates in place still that's a whole nother topic for a different podcast that we don't host. So I guess I'll leave that to the health experts rather than the the the Bruins quote unquote experts. Kasab. When argue that anyways in the land of the Bruins they even in a win even in that 4-2 win over the Flyers on Tuesday night that you know many people were very excited by because one specific player who will get to Midway through the show even in that win. It's still isn't that big of a positive because your best defenseman was announced to be injured out of that game and then after the game day to day with an upper-body injury, and that's Charlie McAvoy. Now, if you watch that game Tuesday night, you would know that the defense of course that was rolled out that defense of cour of grzelcyk and then 50 in Moneyball and like Fifty feet of crap. And then there's us it's Matt grey like this fifty feet or I'm a couple Kevin Miller with Bruce actually cuz Kevin Miller did hold his own. He played a bunch of minutes in his first game back on that knee. So you're Kevin Miller. Yeah, Matt grzelcyk and you got the job. To crap and then there's the rest of the crew maybe maybe maybe a fifty feet of crap is Jacob is immoral underneath and then you know, maybe that's the 50 feet cuz it maybe it's on everyone's you know, some of those guys had their moments but the real question is Canada's team survive without Charlie McAvoy. Well, if based on what we saw on Tuesday, it's not great. I think it's one of those situations right where even if you get some level of good news where these you're Kevin the middle of a coup again, I think all fuel talk about, you know with his injury history, which I mean We Takin how much punishment on that need. It's to be expected unfortunately, but when Kevin was in and he's your third pairing guy you do pretty well. I think the Bruins record with him in the lunch 11:30 and 2 I want to say it's something like that like again, you don't want him being a top pairing guy as he was last game where he's playing. I think it was over twenty minutes a night or or close to it wage. But if your third parent guy the guy was going to add some you know, small to the lineup. I think it's great. It's good news. Hopefully you can stay healthy cuz I think the Bruins could definitely use him as often going into the playoffs. However, you offset that news with the fact that one halak is still in covid-19 calls. So you had to roll out Jeremy swimming and again, you lose Charlie McAvoy and I think we've Steve konroyd Austin Harrell who tweeted it of if that game wasn't the perfect indicator of why Charlie McAvoy should be considered for the Norris Trophy. That was pretty Dreadful thought that I mean for most of that game, especially in that second. Where the Flyers got 25 shots on goal. The Bruins are just stuck in the mud. Right? I mean, it was just like like they were molasses and we talk so much about how good Shelly Mack lawyers and many areas of the game. I mean he's Eats up a bunch of minutes takes on tough assignments drives 5 and 5 play, but where are they a huge especially missing that game with just his overall transition game and pushing the puck out of the D Zone through the neutral zone, you know getting fucked up the other end of the ice and I mean just for more than half of that game. The Bruins were pretty much on the ropes right like couldn't couldn't break it out, you know ice the puck is pretty much everything that could have gone wrong went wrong in terms of the transition game and that game and it was largely due to the fact that you didn't have Charlie McAvoy out there. So it's kind of Iraq you look at the state of the Bruins and the fact you don't have Rask and halak right now, you'd think that would be you know, Defcon 10 right when you don't have the two starting goalies. And right now like are you viewing the involuntary swimming is the most concerning things with this team right now because like, I'm frankly not I mean we'll talk about swimming pools are a little bit later. But when you look at where the big concerns are it's dead. When you're missing the two guys were think have been the MVPs your team this year and Brad Marsh and where he missed was two games and they looked absolutely dead and Charlie McAvoy where I think you saw firsthand just how much they missed him. Again the Bruins even if McEvoy was in the lineup still need a another demon.

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