A highlight from Hygiene Theater, The Next Pandemic? 4.8.21


Courtesy decay. And i'm thrilled to be joined by my co host mr miles and miles gray aka. Emily smith rolling up of fatty. And for those of y'all know who i'm talking about you know and shot up to you for those who don't don't worry about it but he may just be arsenal's greatest talent homegrown talent. Maybe he'll get the number ten shirt maybe more not guard does we don't know yet but what we like what we see. Shout out to be our c. k. On the discord for that all on our edge of on the edge of our seats to yeah he gets that number ten number ten shirt. Will he get it is that that's a real issue okay. The number ten shirt and it's not like whether he gets to wear number ten. What is it's like. It means a couple things. It'll usually mean most technically gifted player like your starve layer wear the tan because la made number ten famous. And then madonna were a number ten running so ten is like the number for like your for that. Dude messy wears ten auto now so because that i think would also just like normally the number of corinth coincided with your position. So one was the keeper to the right back. Three was the left back then. Was sort of your playmaker anyway. That's all that fans of american sports. I think we'll be interested to learn that because there's like a informal sort of twenty three a big number and then right in the nba. A thirty three for a center and then football like it vaguely corresponds the thing. You have some gray area in there. Aren't there like some receivers that'll wear ten in the nfl. Yeah like where. Like numbers in the tens. It's less mediate all the way down to feel like ocho cinco de eight. If you're blowing those lines up a servant you know what i mean you Miles we are Fortunate thrilled to be joined in our third seat by one of the funniest dudes out there doing it. He is the hilarious. Talented stephen wilbur Aka the ginger ale kid aka a scotland duda at another river. Bend a minute ago on the then. Now let's talk about some anime jets ma'am anime. That's what's good. Yes catch that. Joe joe joe part announcement white bread to dive into that stone ocean with bated breath with bated breath stephen last time we saw you. We were in person. No he's been on since hamic all right. Well that's right. Yes very flexible. Your last appearance Time before that we saw. I was talking about how i how i beef it. Real hard. don't remember that at all the There was a guest recently. Who had been on before and I fully went into it assuming they had not been and really yeah. My brain just doesn't work anymore. Note no offense to literally anyone. My brain just doesn't work apology friendly wexler. Yes joker pack of cards. Oh man tell me about it Stephen where where are you coming to us from. I'm coming to you live from scenic louisville kentucky. The of the car ears. Yeah home of the cards home of the home of the kroger the kentucky derby home of the slugger yeah. Ups is is chilly. Coney cultured in northern kentucky to like cincinnati donate twenty twelve. Yes coin twelve people huge on that and you know like goldstar skyline chili. Oh there is one. That's the chili on the spaghetti. Right yeah or you have on a hot dog independent you in two way three way. Would i look like sonic the hedgehog it over there to make carbs for me. Sorry but louisville's a pretty cool city right. it's pretty. It's pretty good that it's pretty. What's what's the what's the scenic aspects of louisville lost cemeteries. Yeah oh yes like haunted Lot of greenery park. Yeah right right with foliage yes. It's a it's just now all all coming winner who. I looked a little stinky around. Will language watch your fucking mouth your heart radio knocking the door down right. That's okay. We've got the pooh-poohed filter press a button anytime we can sense of pooh-pooh coming on and then we'll actually what it does. Is it forces the conversation into nothing but scott. Top coats decided unfortunate side effect of the pu filter. That is something that has been Afflicting our podcast of of late stephen as that we just get into A subject related to poo poo and cannot get off But we'll try to avoid that here with. I am the scap man. Yes know whether it's we scouting via an oral verbal scouting and the jazz standards and the traditions set forth by the great kim. Cottrell or yourself. Or scotman carruthers You know get yo man who can do both yes. Thank you all right more going to get to know you a little bit better. In a moment we're gonna tell our listeners. A couple of things. We're talking about today such as we'll talk about something called hygiene theater We'll talk about How we should be preparing for the next pandemic. Why canada's vaccine roll out sucks so bad. This is just blatant pandering to the american audience. Who have had nothing to gloat about For for years still yeah even still. But i mean come on. We gotta get it where we can. We'll talk about matt. Gates's requests towards the end of the trump administration for blanket pardons. And you know the new context in which we can view those ketchup shortages will talk about How to take care of yourself after you've been vaccinated. We might even talk about some some hollywood gas all that plenty more but first stephen you know we like to ask our guest. What is something from your search history. That's revealing about who you are Fixings right what is it. What is it. I don't know is this word. F. e. c. s. lately. I've just been trying to find a vintage marge. Simpson t shirt. That isn't a hundred dollars. Wow 'cause the bart some assuming are The market is flooded with bart's but not a lot of marginal. I love a good. You wanna get does the bootleg barnes. Those are great. like yeah. Forty niners bart and stuff or jamaican bart like those are gold. But i just i wanna marge. Average marquette you can't even find like a bootleg one because what you're talking about your default bootleg simpsons account on i g that's all like bootleg simpsons merch yet. The post it's so funny like they're the ones like from freaknik ninety three unlike. I love seeing black bart simpson but yeah mark. Can't find like even a you know what you want a bootleg bar.

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