Philadelphia Eagles agree to terms with RB Jordan Howard


Philadelphia signed jordan howard and they resigned boston scott last week and the bengals awesome good. That's just that's okay. If i will stay with the bengals released giovanni bravo. Go to the eagles this matter. We're just glossing way where we're just going to gloss over geelong we'll come back to that start with the eagles does. Does this matter. Jordan howard and boston scott back and again. The boss scott was not a surprise. They tendered leave so they did. We knew he was coming back. But now jordan howard joining the fold does this matter for miles sanders. Obviously scott matters more. I wonder if he'll become their version. Of nahim hines. And kinda sorta was already and jordan. Our coming back i. I'm not sure why. I don't know what they saw. In jordan howard. When he was in miami that makes them want to put him on the roster that maybe the roster spot is in guaranteed that would probably be the case We'll see it's not gonna make me any more nervous to draft miles sanders still think sanders worth a top thirty pack

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