New Racial Slur Allegation Follows Washington DC Area Football Game


County and Alexandria schools are sharing what actions they're taking after accusations of racism and abuse at a JV football game on Monday night. It comes two weeks after student athletes at the Fairfax County School were accused in a similar incident with a school in Arlington County. Quote. We're taking this matter seriously. T. C. Williams High School principal Beater Ballas wrote two families. Saying he and the athletic director met with junior varsity and varsity football players to collect their accounts of the allegations of J V player was spat on and called a racial slur during a game Monday against Robinson Secondary in Fairfax. Perfects County schools says it's quote aware of a number of allegations regarding the use of racially charged language and racial slurs in the past few weeks and says it plans to hold a stand down meeting for all teams and coaches. Her Virginia high School League rules. Players heard using such language will be ejected and suspended for additional games. Meghan Cloherty w

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