Celebrating the Publication of 'Where We Bloom' With Designer Cynthia Zamaria


Very special guest. Is cynthia samara of cynthia samara house in flour based in toronto. Hi cynthia now and congratulations. Well back at ya Because big reveal here. Cynthia is our covergirl of where we bloom. Our brand new book that will be available in Just a just a week or so around april fourteenth so we wanted to have cynthia on to talk about her business and who she is so And you're a first time guest of the podcast and I just want to introduce you to the listeners. So i guess let me just give a little recap of where we bloom. And this book. This is the first title in bloom imprint The do publishing company. That is sort of the boutique. Publishing arm of slow flowers created by robin omni and me and we. We started with this book because it was a way to build community and feature a lot of Sloth hours members showing off their workspaces studios shops greenhouses potting sheds barns. You name it right robin yes. We definitely have a great variety from you. Know from kitchen and laundry room to beautiful outdoor Structures structures a good word for it The the subtitle of where we bloom is thirty. Seven intimate inventive and artistic studio spaces where floral passions find a place to blossom. And those of you who have known me for years as a garden writer. No that i wrote a book in two thousand eight called. Stylish sheds and elegant hideaways all about garden sheds. And there's definitely a crossover into this book but these are dedicated floral spaces and It's it's just. There is a diversity of of architecture and location and personality and

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