Boston Man Convicted Of Police Bombing Asks For Compassionate Release


Officer officer and and the the severe severe wounding wounding of of another another asks asks for for a a compassionate compassionate release. release. WBC's WBC's Karen Karen Regal Regal says says it's it's because because of of covert covert concerns. concerns. Attorneys Attorneys for for the the now now 64 64 year year old old Alford Alford strangler strangler say say their their client client convicted of building the bomb that Killed Officer Jeremiah Hurley and severely wounded his partner Francis fully should be released because his heart issues make him more of a covert risk. Strangler did refuse the vaccine while in prison. His attorneys say their client was worried about how that would affect his heart. His attorneys also argue he has served more than enough trying for the crime of which he was convicted. But Hurley's daughter, Leanne, TN, herself, a Boston police officer. Well, the judge of a man who loved his job in his family officer fully son, Frank, a Boston firefighter, told the court of a severely wounded man with PTSD, he said of this compassionate release request. Alford Strangler chose his fate. Cameron Regal WBZ Boston's news radio. More

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