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Was just thinking about comparing the ipad pros. Which because that's usually the way that you would compare the ipads but of course the ipad air does fit more in the ipad pro bracket at the moment. You know we spoke about this when it came out. I wanna give just a quick overview again like why you may or may not want to consider the ipad air instead of an ipad pro so looks very similar right as very comparable specs. It has in some ways more modern processor Designers gray has magic keyboard capability compatibility. I should say and walks of the things you'd want has the cool apple pencil to charging on the top. It lacks promotion. High refresh rate display has two speakers instead of four touch idea instead of face. Id that could be a pro or con. I would say having used the pan. Specifically the ipad is best for face. Ad said he worked better on the ipad than on the iphone for me The i've had asked starts at five nine nine. Instead of seven nine nine at the ipad pro but that five nine nine is sixty four gigabytes of storage which i think is unacceptable. One ipad It maxes out a two hundred and fifty six goodbye at storage which is then one hundred fifty dollars cheaper than the eleven inch ipad. Pro robin two hundred dollars. So it's a good deal not a home run

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