Can Bruins Survive Without Charlie McAvoy & Trade Deadline Predictions | Poke the Bear w/ Conor Ryan - burst 9

Poke the Bear


Also feels like a year where they acquire someone but not like someone someone that you know, like when they when they were requiring like John Michael Liles a few years ago or or like Lee stempniak or you know that Band of Brothers like I see them do it. I can see them all soon, but I will say I'll put it down Palmieri and I'll say along. Those are my tube. I think I don't think I don't think they do more than two moves. Most teams. Don't then you're getting the first now what they give up for those I would expect Bjork to go back home. I'll marry I think that would make sense that almost happened last year. So to see it happening in this year scenery you need to change. So, I think your could be going back in that deal for Paul. Probably a second as well as you've said oleksiak.

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