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We mentioned this a few weeks ago but we wanted to remind you this season. We are all reading a book together and the book that we have selected is called minor feelings and asian american reckoning by these incredible poet. Marist cathy park hong yes. It's hurt explicatives. Her feelings and a little bit of neurosis about her identity as american woman. I will just read. What kathy explains minor feelings to be the regionalized range of emotions that are negative dysphoric and therefore unintelligent built from the sediments of every day racial experience and the era of having one's perception of reality constantly questioned or dismissed monarch feelings arise for instance upon hearing a slight knowing racial and being told. Oh that's all in your head. Yes one of the reasons we chose. The book is because the name and the premise behind the minor feelings. Get that something we talk about. All the time on this show feeling gasoline feeling raced and in the wake of watching this horrifying rise of anti-asian attacks across the country western are both steeply invested in trying to understand the way of prussian. Works to keep us in competition with each other and from understanding intricate histories in this country. We want to create a fuller picture of the world. We live in and this is one of the ways. We're doing something about that. So april twenty nine. We're going to talk about minefields the book and the experience that means there's still plenty of time to get a copy of this book from your favorite bookseller to rent at your local library or through an ass like libby. There's also an audiobook version that you can listen along too and if while you're reading there's any thought or observation that comes to mind and you wanna share that with us. Email it to still processing at ny times dot com. And maybe we'll talk about that. 'cause we talk about this book so get your copy and come along with us. We hope to see you there. April twenty nine.

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