A highlight from What Happens Without Supervisor Support?


Hi i'm patricia. Gra barak and i'm katina sawyer and welcome to the worker being podcast. Today patricia has an article for us so before we get into a little catching up here on how things have been going. Could you tell us what we're gonna be talking about today. Yeah we are going to talk about unanswered supervisor support so basically when you ask your supervisor for help on something or you know tell me you need something and they don't give it to you. What does that do. And well spoiler alert. It's not so good for your wellness for your performance and also for your relationship with your supervisor. Yeah that makes sense. But also i've never heard of that before because usually we just talk about supervisor support. Were co worker support and it kind of just assumes that you're sort of just offering it but i haven't heard anything about the specific impacts of what happens if someone asks and does not receive because as we know ask and ye are supposed to receive but what happens when ya it does not well not good but to your good free but your point i mean they do talk about how a lot of time social support is kinda categorized as almost like a passive thing like it just happens to you But we do know that people obviously actively for support to. So it's a it's an interesting take on it. And i think a good step in the right direction to understand how that works. I like it. That's exciting Thank you so much bringing that topic a new one that i have not heard about som- excited to learn more about it before we delve into more details of your article How is life going for you this week. Good life is good Last week i believe we share that. I got the second dose of the vaccine or was about to. So i was a little sick the day after but i'm feeling back to normal and excited that very soon. my like two week window and are able to go out in the world more country so that's been exciting other than that. I mean we've had gorgeous weather. It's been super warm in the la area and it's making me. I mean i guess it's almost april so probably make sense that it's this temperature but we it has been like kind of hovering around high sixties for awhile and this weekend. We were in the eighties. And i was like yes. It is time for warmth so a yeah. What about you great yet. Similarly the weather here has been awesome so have been trying to get outside a little bit every day at least go for a little walk or just even today. I had to greed some papers. And i sat outside on the back patio and graded them instead of sitting inside. That made me happy. Just being able to sit outside and do stuff has been nice. It's also been nice for our dog who longs to go outside all day. So i had him out there with us for with me for a while but although the other night we were out there because it was super nice we had one day where it was like seventy eight during the day and like fifty eight at night so it was like you sit there the firepit and like just like a sweatshirt and it was great and and all of a sudden. Donnie was like freaking out and brandon was like what's he doing. He's being so weird and we looked up in on. The back of the fence was a huge possum. Oh and i was like no because the fat possum came into our yard. There's no way. Donnie would like leave. It'll like he would approach and then posit like he would get in a fight with a possible. So i was like oh so i like ran up to try to go like scare off the pasta. The possible kinda away grabbed johnny. Like in the night was through an all night.

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