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Sure on today our lesson on today is that all right with everybody on the line and then many and love to hear your voice father. We thank you today. We bless your name. Oh god and we glorify. You're we ask god that we lord as we bring this message on today lord heart lord to receive into here were thus saith the lord have your way holy spirit in jesus name amen amen amen amen amen to you. U2 family that have join us on the line on this afternoon we already transitioned from our conference line again. We we are wanted to thirty. If you desire to have prison were show and all of the things that come with the worship service as we know in the house of god then you can join us on the carcass line because here we only bring the word on our youtube channel a man we are recording on today and do have cd's again. We're practicing so they're not perfect their free. If you want one. I ask you to. Please text me and we'll get it to you as best we can. Some people come and pick it up at the house and if far away we try that mail in but we want to get the word out to anybody that wants it a man so please let us know and we will make sure that you get a cd. If you're still a cd person you put it pop it in your car myself. Pull it out my old cds and this into him in the car and in the house a man so with that being said on today a man star with a scripture today but they will be scripture that will be embedded in this message on today. I asked that you really opened up your heart salutes. This message that the law has given us. It may stretch us a little bit. It may stretches a lot. But i prayed it'll make us think it'll make us get up and begin to do the work that god has called his people to do in these last evil days. We know that time is widely nothing. So god we will you know when we were young. Hear the the saints of the old church they would say you know. The god is coming soon and i would say that due to the signs of the times that he really is coming really soon and so is his his desire that no man be lowest. That's god's designed doesn't want to see anybody para she wants everyone to enter into his kingdom and so we know how can you hear less unless they hear the word of god and this man of god or unless the people have gone go forth and they give the good news of the gospel of jesus christ harley less how man will be a by hearing this news receiving it in their hearts and so one today. If you're you're taking notes on today we do have a title to this message. In the lord gave us the title of. Don't think your start. Don't stink a man. Don't think that you're stuff they'll sneak. That's the title of the message and actually profits flow. When i started laughing. I said lord and this he don't that you'll stay laughing but anyway i'm going to obey in the title. He gave us today. Go yourself. don't stink people. I have often heard. And i'm sure you have. Some of us have been around for quite a while. Often her the saints of the church or the season saints they often say if it were not for the grace of god. Where would ibm one for the grace of where i be. In fact it was a song that leaves the sing years ago in praise prison worship and it was actually title. It were not for the law on my side. Where would i be so if it were not for the grace of god. Where will we all be. Yes the saints. Where would we all be if it were not for. God's grace his love and mercy than gives us and he's thing he gives it to us because he wants to give it to us because he desires for us to have it. It's not necessarily because of anything we've done to earn it because we know there's nothing we can do to earn. God's love to earn god's great man we can do but he gives it to us because it is an attribute of who he is and is that an attribute of god that is manifest in the salvation of sinners in which all of us there on this line on the youtube channel. All of us have articulo in in psalm. Fifty one is says behold. I was shaving in and then send in. My mother were conceive. Me more to this thing wienand four. We didn't volunteer forward but we were born into it. A friend of mine and they were sharing the story with me about this little kid. There's a little boy spoilsport a little kid and so are the mother in the doing. They were trying to get him to behave and do the right thing so what they did. They promised him a toy. If you behave mothers archies on your young done this if you do this. I'll toil the here at kmart and walmart man two guys. If you go back that far they will drop our promise when when when we get back in the car. I'll take you over here in our by this for you and so on this particular day the mom in art decided they wanted to teach him a lesson amen and so he did not behave life. They thought he would when they gave him the proposition. And so because he did not behave. You know the okay. We're gonna stay in power day so he buys out but he's not really toy with all know what happened then. Of course he begins to yale. He begins screen for bad an hour falling out crying. How he wants this tour until the ati and the mother couldn't take it anymore and so what did they do the car. Your down walmart. Kmart ain't got were in purchase detour for the journal.

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