Hunger calling your name and you need to get open.


This week on Sunday morning. Asked about Texas and other states dropping their mask a mandates. Are they right or wrong, he said. In Ohio, The daily cases are still too high to do that. The threshold is 50 cases per 100,000 people or about 420 cases a day in December, we were over 700 little. I'm optimistic about where we're going. But Martha, it's not time to do it yet. And Ohio Lieutenant Governor John You said, sounding off against local teachers in Cleveland after their union voted not to return to in classroom instruction. After accepting early access to vaccinations, he says they broke their word, legendary Cleveland You're a songwriter and radio personality. Michael Stanley is dead at the age of 72. His family says he died Friday following a long battle with one cancer. I may see Jepson When you hear that hunger calling your name and you need to get open. Gotta find yourself a black sweater. Unit up whether Begin something good. Listen, listen,

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