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Pm. David cameron lobbying senior ministers by text. Message now a conversation of attack surface between the prime minister. boris johnson. If you forgot and the businessman. James dyson if you forgot. We'll offer swift reply on today's show. Plus we have my man in new york who this week is delving into the state and city politics and the other side of the pond. Last up we're on a roll and examining a chain reaction led to a global lack of portal news multiples distinguished panel discuss these topics of import on today's late edition. Hello and a warm. Welcome to late edition here on monocle. Twenty four friday. The twenty third eight pro and i'm josh venit here in london. Joining me today is our reliable friday panel of editor in chief andrew. Talk and head all newly-shorn hand also Twenty four radio. Tom edwards. Tomo start with you today as we so rarely do you rejoin the good ship monocle after some shore. Leafs well-earned shoreleave. How's it to be back this week. It's great to be back. London feels very different even just taking a stroll around the office earlier fritz even just taking a stroll around the neighborhood earlier i meant to say It's really interesting. How these small Small wins seem to just take you get deliver so much more whether it's people who are getting together to have You know nice plate of spaghetti of ungulate outside the restaurant or early. In the week. Haci she went out to a local parliament. Had a drink invites way. It just made you feel like things are getting much no more. It's pretty powerful. It was it was absolutely freezing. When i have my outdoor meal but still had lots of fun because i decided it was going to be fun. I'm what time we home. Because there's there's been a lot of examples of people getting carried away. No a sensible it down quickly. People rediscovered their appetite for it but the kind of party animals within us haven't been unleashed fully yet. So i still got my nightcap capone. Gooden a sensible. Our josh for school nights. Good good and andrew great to have the old team back together on fi. We went to last week. I didn't mean old like don't as as been dubbed a friday. Means one thing you up with the lock crossing you'll ts dotting. Your is and finishing your column for the stay newsletter. Which if people haven't signed up for they should now was caught your eye this week. Prato well there was. I was worried about the surveys. Because you can find any kind of data you won't if you if you go hunting for but there was this week saying that fifty. Five percent of british people don't want restrictions on foreign travel lifted until twenty twenty two the earliest and i think some amongst us. Now who thing that as you wish. Never go anywhere over again. I've tried to unpack. Why that is why. Why have some people decided. That actually lockdown isn't just good for them. They want everybody else to live in lockdown in perpetuity and. I don't know what it is. It's it's a strange lure of the home and is holdovers. We all love our homes. Our hope and home is a very powerful thing but it becomes more powerful if you leave every now and then i think say it's a it's a. It's our relationship with home. It's think these people are scared. Well i think it is is there are people who have some reasonable logic about which they believe that we we were so badly hit before because we allowed in new variants we. We were wary off in the beginning. As i said my piece. There's just another category people who have miserable saud's and then there's another group of people who just love this. Just they just love it they just let let the love never going to work. They love never seeing anyone. They love baking bread. O'day and the this this. This group is the most corrosive because they actually. They're kind of trying to get other people to live like them so of hasher. And i didn't have anything to do with them very interesting to me. The column on saturday morning had to monica dot com slash newsletters If you haven't already got to that plus it's free so why the hell wouldn't you We're gonna stop the day here in the uk. With boris johnson whose rather famous person often in the headlines in this parts of the world. The prime minister has taken flak this week for series of text sent to a prominent businessman last year. The gist of the concerns. Well the people with access to senior politicians are able to peddle influence. And yes influence policy without scrutiny. The fallout outcomes on the back of former pm. David cameron's off-the-record contact with chancellor rishi soon to david cameron seems to have been trying to intercede on behalf of a company which he had a financial interest that conservatives said it didn't break any rules the opposition labor party point to the conservatives running a sleazy chamorro crecy a place where people with access to politicians can love them by mobile find without due diligence. Being done the truth has ever is probably somewhere in the middle. But let's listen to someone who actually knows what talking about. Launch price is a former director of communications at number ten downing street under tony blair and he was speaking on the globalist early today. So topless -nology has moved faster than Government has been able to keep up with. So i mean my experience goes goes back a long way now so In those days people were using. What's they didn't exist. And if they have mobile phones they certainly weren't using them in anything that scale that they that they do now and at the white tool that i know in the civil service that i worked with were very very strict about being cross every conversation between ministers especially the prime minister and just about everybody else. No of course. They rolled out to after friends. Adapt personal chats on the phone with with with with lifelong friends and so on and family. But anything to do with the business of governments had to be Listening to literally listened into by civil servants and notes taken and minutes made so that you could keep of conversations administered by having in today's modern world that is simply impossible and that is launch price speaking to us on monocle twenty four earlier this morning. Andrew is the fact that prime ministers and senior politicians are accessible by mobile phone. Simply sign of the times we are more connected than Boundaries between the private and the public have become blurred in every aspect of life Is this a storm and attacks message. Well it's interesting well as long says how. I'm a rare occasion. I might disagree with him. Slighted because i think in the past will happen to us. People went to the bar. The restaurant the the in foxborough golf club and you know they. They went wherever wherever they could. Tap on. Their old friends showed and say. Can i have a quiet word. I want to talk to you about something that's happening in my constituency with a business i was my. Could you help me now. it's an interesting line. I think this is what people talk about the smell test. Does it come up smelling roses. And i'm not sure with this legs greenville story. It's very good cameron. Because it if he was doing something to just protect a manufacturing company and his stitching say or maybe he had friends forever who he wants to get some advice for it. Would it would be okay. Even if he was going to make a few bob out of this it would be okay but he was gonna make millions out of this and the scale of the number of people. He contacted the same to be making a little bit uncomfortable but in the end was interesting. Is the people send messages to. I think they kind of mostly did the thing and certainly the likes screens wasn't bailed out. I didn't get any kind of preferential treatment but of course we've now seen other texts being leaked this week between boris johnson and james dyson and again. I don't think they that perfect. But i don't think they're going to stick boris anyway. Because here we have. James is who is is a is a contractor building ventilators and and he was asking for some tax arrangements to be done in his favor. Boris was promising. Everything but again you. In the end dyson was a good talk. He had never built these things. They didn't really come to fruition. So all in all does it smell very good not great but did ending. Really terribly cropped happen. Probably not what should happen in the future. Well you'd you'd like to say that every phone call would be logged and things but the reality is you also want your mp successful to leading figures and it's just naive to imagine that somebody you enter university with the or that you Powell's within parliament is not going to know you a number and is not going to ask you for favor is is just that you what you then do with that request if you bend the rules and you just ain't corrupt then it should come out and and you should be lambasted for prosecutor. Wherever but here is i. It is great but it's not as terrible as the papers led to believe tom. Brady sit on this. It's been something that the labor opposition as i alluded tune.

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