In the Light of the Tough Season, The Celtics Still Have a Glimmer of Hope

Celtics Beat


Think the way that we have seen Kemba Play Over the month of April, and if he can bring that, if he can be 80% of the camera that we have come to expect, I think that that will be huge for this team going forward. And I am also optimistic like Evan said, the absence of Robert Williams has proven to be dead And even bigger issue than I think anyone had could have predicted just in the fact of what he was doing with that starting unit on offense, he was moving the ball and also not allow defense has to pack the paint because you have to draw Robert out of the paint or else you at least have to account for him cuz he will just come in behind you and dunk on your face. So for that it opens up a lot of things offensively and then defensively just to have a guy who can provide that kind of Rim protection and that kind of communication we hear from the assistant coaches. Just how much Rob has improved in communication job defensively. And so I do think that, that is a huge thing that is missing for this team right now. And then you add in the fact that yes, Evan Fournier is coming off a battle with covideo said, he didn't feel well for a 4 to 5 days and still trying to work his way back. I think there are areas to look to for positivity, but I agree with Evan that it's in this season. The fact that they can be so dead. And hide and look like two completely different teams. It's just frustrating and it and it's frustrating because of the expectations that are on this group and regardless of how many games they lose and how fast they come out over and over again, those expectations remain,

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