Show Up in Your Life With Na'ima B. Robert

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Today i have with me my good friend. Mental author of from my sister's lips are now new book. Show up it's nightmare. be robots. Wanna come naima why they sell to let you better catch him. Yes in your new book. Do you have with you. Can you show us. Yes here is show a motivational message for muslim women. Much i read the book recently. And i was crying. I was reading it. Because do you remember. Last time we met last time we met on il feed you very powerfully. Shared the story of your husband's passing and everything that you had to deal with right in the off. Some off of that and a low of our listeners viewers really gave us feedback and said that they found your story so inspiring. So it's great that you've taken the story and you know really built a lot of powerful messages around it in this book and i just wanted to ask you like one of the key. Messages of the book is that Tests are negligible right. And and yet you get to decide your story. I loved that. I loved that message of the book that you know tests. I never table. You're gonna be knocked over right By all sorts of things throughout life. But don't be the victim of your story. Don't allow us route to be a

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