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World leaders gathered for a virtual climate summit earlier this week. They promised to stop releasing so much heat trapping greenhouse gas into the air and we can all do the same. Npr's life kit and science correspondent. Dan charles have some tips for how to reduce carbon emissions from our homes. Even a house has a carbon footprint the furnace the water heater the lights in the air conditioner. They all consume energy and most of that energy still comes from burning coal or gas donell baird. Who's the ceo of an energy company called block. Power says buildings in the us homes and offices. They account for thirty percent of the whole country's greenhouse gas emissions. If you want to do something about climate change your home is among the most important places to look whether you live in a tiny apartment or big old house. Here are three steps toward cutting that carbon. Step one you can start small. This is according to rohani srivastava senior researcher with the american council for an energy efficient economy. I would start off with heating and cooling space marquis regardless if you are a homeowner or rental you still have control over the thermostat so you can experiment with easing off on the air conditioning in the heating she says. Open the windows in summer and see what natural ventilation can do in winter. Turn down the thermostat

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