Apple Commits $430 Billion in U.S. Investments Over Five Years


Tech giant Apple announced this morning plans to invest more than $430 billion and add 20,000 new jobs across the country over the next five years from member station W. U. N. C. Jason to brew in reports on what that investment will look like. In North Carolina. Almost 3000 jobs will come to research Triangle Park commonly called RTP the tech and form a hob near Rollie. Those jobs will focus primarily on machine learning artificial intelligence and software engineering. Apple plans to build a one million square foot innovation hub in RTP for a total investment of more than a billion dollars. The area is surrounded by Duke UNC Chapel Hill, North Carolina state, seen by many tech and pharma companies as a rich talent pool, the Republican led North Carolina Legislature in 2016 past the infamous bathroom bill, which led progressive companies to curtail investment in the state. Law was fully repealed last year, and LGBT Q rights advocates credit the repeal for helping to attract the Apple investment.

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