Why Circadian Rhythm Is Key to Health


Today we're having a special episode of the doctors pharmacy with dr toddler. Pena's our house call episode. We dive deep into issues in the function medicine. Space and help you understand your body. A new way understand to access health using the framework of functional medicine. Welcome tun thank you. Mark is great great topic so years ago. Our mentor. sid baker who is one of the genius mines medicine. I believe on the twentieth twenty-first century basin he wrote this book called the circadian prescription. And who was the first one who really talked about the role of rhythm in health. So can you tell us why rhythm and circadian rhythms and chronology is actually so important in. What is it all about anyway all right. Well you know you're absolutely right. I i read the book That's that said. Baker wrote says chicane prescription. That's sort of where the sir lightbulb went off my head said you know this is really important stuff. And it's sort of the fourth dimension of health which is time and understanding that you know we have rhythms in nature. We have the rising of the sun in the setting of the sun and then the lunar cycles and we have the the months in the seasons in the year so it only makes sense that our body has its own cycles and own seasons and understanding that We have these internal clocks and we have jeans. They're called clock genes and they have to synchronize Just like an orchestra got a lot of different pieces You're talking earlier in a podcast. About how many different chemical reactions are going on the body. You have chemicals being made you have chemicals being broken down. You have chemicals being detoxified in you have all these rhythms going on in the body in their happening In in harmony if you will and just like when you have a an orchestra in order for an orchestra to make really good music what do you need. You need a conductor and this is understanding that the bodies conductor Is synchronizing the whole body in terms of the liver and the heart and the muscles and they gestion all of those factors so our body's ability to have a good rhythm is key towards health

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