Mia Neal Talks Ma Rainey's Black Bottom


Thank you so much for joining me today on. Look behind the look. I am a huge congratulations are in order. You are in the middle of a world wind right now. You have been nominated for an oscar. And it's historic and i'm so impressed in just happy about all of the success that you've been experiencing and i know that that you are in a whirlwind. So what what. What has it been like. Has it just been unexpected. You of course. Of course. yeah it's been The part about it is that is so unexpected. Like when you work behind the scenes you just don't it just doesn't cross your mind that you're working on a project this is about to do so you know. There's no is nothing that can predict what the project is gonna go so i don't think that anyone on it knew that this where we were all headed you know so that part is surprising and i think it makes you you know. Just have gratitude on a whole 'nother level right. Yes but the second project that you've been involved in. That's been like so hugh i mean. Uncut gems was my favorite movie of the year. Just one year before so you must be. You must be able to pick the project. How did you come to this project. Or how do you pick your projects. Well so an roth. I work with a lot brought me onto this friday. Okay george st war. And i yeah and so this particular project with denzel producing with you know it just by ola chadwick. I don't know why didn't cross. I certainly did win. The thought myself but definitely them right like as we watch the performance as we will show you know this is spectacular and the transformation on viola. And how far. She's willing to go with it In washington her bill that character even in biddings That was something. So i definitely knew that we were working on something special but i know where it was going to go.

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