Here's What We Know About The Victims Of The Boulder Shooting


Authorities in Boulder, Colorado, have charged a 21 year old man and a shooting rampage yesterday that left 10 dead, including a police officer. Alleged shooter has been identified as a med Alyssa. He faces 11th degree murder charges and an 11 charge of criminal attempt. Boulder Police chief Maris Herald read the names of the victims at the press conference this morning, Denny Strong 20 years old. Nevin Students Key 23 Ricky Odds 25 Kelowna, but kind of the yak 49 Suzanne Fountain 59. Terry Liker 51. Officer Eric Talley 51. Kevin Mahoney. 61 Len Murray 62 Jody Waters 65 again the Boulder police chief reading the names of the 10 victims of the mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado.

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