Grammy Award ratings drop 51 percent to record low


The Grammys have hit a sour note at least with viewers truth be told people probably would have liked the pandemic era version of the Grammys if they have Bob watch but as the Nielsen ratings show feud did just nine point two million viewers tuned in that is a drop of more than half of last year's audience what's more the numbers from Sunday include both TV viewers and those watching on streaming services the show avoided the zoom like awkwardness of other pandemic era award shows and it managed to give music fans star for live performances something to look at and still the numbers were low and that may be a trend not a blip ratings for the golden globes dropped sixty three percent last month last year's enemies also dipped to record lows if next month's Oscars follow that trend TV executives might start wondering if such shows can be counted on anymore draw big audiences I'm a squirrel's Gabriel

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