The Mysterious Case of Lori Erica Ruff

Ghost Town


Erica. Rough had been acting bizarre in the months prior to her death in two thousand ten but that was pretty standard. And i have some opinions on the husband without knowing a minutes get might be passing on a little bit of judgment and i could be very very wrong. But they had recently separated And she you know for years was just strange in many many ways it more than just personality quirks. Some things you can do. She wouldn't let or she was apprehensive about leading members of not her family because her family is not in the picture Her husband blake his family. She's like i don't want anyone holding our daughter and set for you and i Which is weird. Because it's the only family that was involved. Was his family jazz. Kind of like an island unto herself. It's very odd when she was in her forties. So pretty you know. When around the time that she died she wanted an easy bake oven for christmas. that's very odd and i think it's not a ironic quirky out or it's a collector's item. That she's trying to collect now girl toys. It was that's what she wanted as a gift for us to have. One nacho chip melting cheese on one chip or one little like bundt cake little dollhouse bundt cake and she can affinity for only like being in a situation. Like i'm gonna take a nap and we just kind of peace out and just which listen. I resonate jealous absolutely. Yeah i mean. There's plenty like i don't want to be here anymore. No i wish. I wish i had the courage so you i'm gonna gonna. I'm gonna give that one to

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