A highlight from The California Gold Rush - Digging Aint Easy!

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Hello. I i do. You sometimes do the whisper. You've just woken us up from a nap. Good mining good morning to you. We need to bring the we need to like like i feel like we need some rare energy for this episode. Oh yes this is not a good morning babies. This is what we're going to the rocks. I don't know. I actually don't know how this process works as you can clearly say the rock 'cause like shift digging through rocks to find we're going. We're going for goal we're going for. We're digging for gold here and i'm not talking about two okeyo twenty twenty. I'm talking about. I'm not talking about We're gonna win west gold rush. Yeah we're talking about the california gold rush today. And i'm i was so excited when you suggested this. I forget this was a thing. Because because we i grew up in texas and then came to new york. I've never had to encounter the history of california or the west really. Oh and unisys quintessential west culture. Yes yes the gold rush and after like doing this research. I'm like all right. Of course like you know the way like the remnants of this like this is a whole reason. People came to california and so of course like they're full last town that are setup and then like abandoned town full as towns that were set to like just for the people who were digging the gold right and obviously like lots of clegg Bad things happen to the native americans and like all of the not all just digging for gold kentucky. It's never just about digging for gold. It's never just budgeting for gold. And that's what they don't tell you that's what they don't tell you now but anyway. I'm i'm so excited. I i really don't even have like witty banter about this because i just i just want to start talking about the gold so i say we just jump right an honey do it. I'm downtown me about this horses. The sasha ronin sources for russia ronin shush the sources are history dot com. We know where we love her clever pbs and smithsonian All right all right. Let's hop right on in. We got this. we got the. Let's about the discovery of gold. Because can you. I can't imagine this must have been like a huge deal like like. I can't imagine discovering something much less gold right. you know. That's a big thing to discover. That's like helpful. Cool to discover things like dinosaur fossils but like your butt cover goal which you can trade for a million. It's like the only thing that is equivalent. I think is discovering oil yes for like the immediate richness you get as the discover yes so anyways what we're talking about the discovery of gold that southern california gold rush episode back. Yeah so this is all coming from history. Dot com on january twenty fourth eighteen. Forty eight james wilson marshall a carpenter originally from new jersey found flakes of gold in the american river at the base of the sierra nevada. Mountains near coloma california. So james wilson out for swim is just splits splashing in a river and then suddenly is like i. M sorry don on. There's shimmery shiny like this isn't glitter. Hold on just reminds me of a coin somewhere. I want saw. Could it be good. It'd be good to be at the time. Marshall was working to build a water powered sawmill owned by john. Sutter a german-born swiss citizen and founder of colony of nevada helvetica Or new switzerland which would later become the city of sacramento. Imagine being found founding a colony yet like being like. I'm sorry. I'm looking at this land and i'm gonna find this colony right now but i consider a found i can see it. I can see it right now. The goes from here to here. Roadways i see a general store. I see people like imagine having the gall the people will come but people will know colony. I'm going to start my own city in the people will come to me. Yeah and then. They're going to erect a statue of me in the town square of which i will also build congratulations to me. Oh man that's like that's leg running for president energy. Yeah i mean yeah. It's literally the president of a colony as marshall later recalled of his historic discovery. So the the gentleman who discovered the golden the water yet he said quote it made my heart some for iowa's certain it was gold. Amin sure sure. Honey make my heart thump. I think finding goal and taking a bath so many ads. That would be one of them. I'm a bath connoisseur. You could say that. I found gold but it'd be like herbal boom boom boom. It's the gold. Oh my god. We're in the house are staying in right now. Has there's no standing shower there. Like a bath. It's really cute long bathtub with like phone handle things for showed you like you're in paris. You can't be bothered to stand. I totally get it. I totally get it. I get the life but it's it is so funny because i was like it is a different like there are certain advantages and disadvantages to showering shorts while sitting. I don't enjoy washing my hair. And knowing that's a whole even with the lake handle thingy you know. Because i like to just you know. It's it's more work with the handle. Yeah but to just sit in a claw foot bath. Oh my gosh. That is where. I'm at my most powerful. I feel like see. I am not a bath person. But i think it's because i have the wrong bathtub. Not i mean the the tub makes the woman 'cause like sitting in this bathtub. I was like oh. I can see it. I can see it on a bottle of wine. A buck some candles with tub is if you like a claw foot tub bath. There's something wrong with your program and axe murderer. Yeah i mean. I might the bath that i have now in the bathtub that i'm going to have in my current place. It's nothing to write home about. But i love bath so much that i make it work. That's nice you know. So it's like but i do think it is a situation where the wanders just choose. The wizard does choose judge. Choose the woman or the person but neither of us ever found gold while taking it at the point is neither of us have found gold that is the actual point really sad continuing on about the discovery of gold. Days after marshall's discovery at sutter's mill. The treaty of guadalupe adele go was signed ending the mexican american war and leaving california in the hands of states. We totally need to do the mexican american war. We totally do mostly. Because it's a great war. And i know that like i feel like it's not hovered widely like unless now state was involved like i know i got it covered because texas. Was you know. Pirate of it And so is california because simply those states border mexico. Oh but yet. I mean just something something for the future we will. We will do a whole episode on that at the time. The population of the territory consisted of sixty five hundred. California ios who are people have spanish or mexican descent. Seven hundred foreigners primarily americans and a hundred and fifty thousand native americans which is barely half of the number that had been there when the spanish settlers arrived in seventeen sixty nine so a huge a huge population of native americans. Originally there the spanish come and do the spanish do best which is killed a native americans we're left with about one hundred and fifty thousand and that is the primary population of humans that are living in california

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