White House officials, lawmakers to tour border facility


And members of Congress will tour a migrant holding center today, and the media will tag along the trip to a migrant influx. Entering Carrizo Springs, Texas, comes his calls mount for President Biden to travel to the border himself. White House press secretary didn't sake says one network camera will be allowed inside with footage to be shared. Our balance is, of course, privacy. As you all know, it is also that were in the middle of a pandemic. These facilities, of course, can't become forms for media access all day long every day. The Carrizo Springs facility currently houses more than 750 teenagers. Boxes. Rachel Sutherland Republicans are fighting for more media access. Senator Ted Cruz, who will travel to the border on Friday, says the president doesn't want the American people to see kids in Biden cages a short time ago, The president said that Vice President Kamala Harris will lead US efforts with Mexico and Northern Triangle countries to stem the flow of migration. Another

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